Homily May 19, 2013 Pentecost Sunday

Posted in christian, church events, ecclesiology, inspirational, religion, scripture by Fr Joe R on May 17, 2013

As we sit in our new church facility on some Sunday mornings, a blowing wind will surround the building with a low whistle-like sound rolling over the interior. The Holy Spirit? I think not. What the apostles heard was a driving loud wind from above that filled the house and drew a large crowd to see what happened. Much like a neighborhood today peeking out or running to see anything strange or unusual in the neighborhood or like the people who slow up to stare at mishaps on the highway. As a crowd gathered on that first century morning, the Holy Spirit filled that house and filled each of the inhabitants in a unique and in similar ways. Suddenly, these men were understood in many languages and each was given gifts for the good of the Church to enable the proclamation of Jesus Christ. Just as Jesus promised His Spirit came and kept his message alive and continues it today. The gifts his Spirit brought were for all. Each and every believer in his or her faith has the Spirit and shares in proclaiming Christ. While certainly the Apostles and leaders of the church have a charism or gift of leadership, but that gift includes the discernment of the Spirit requiring many and varied things from them and their fellow believers. As the Spirit filled and invigorated all Jesus’ followers that day, so it fills us all today to go out and spread His word. His teaching is not in a box or in some secret club. It is for all who will listen and believe.

The Gospel today reminds us also that Jesus in giving His Spirit to the Apostles gave them the gift to forgive sins. Think of that for a moment. The power to forgive your sins. How many times in the Gospel did we hear Jesus say “your sins are forgiven?” A power Jesus used Himself. No matter how much we fail and sin we can be forgiven. Each time we celebrate Eucharist together, our sins are absolved as we begin if we dispose ourselves to receive this absolution. From Jesus himself the church through its ministers forgives your sins.

Pentecost, the coming of the Spirit, began a new age in salvation, The age of the church. We have Christ’s Word, His Sacraments. His Spirit who will be with us always.

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