Today’s Homily at Holy Trinity, September 3, 2017-the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time–Vocations

Homily September 3, 2017- the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

22sun2As you can see this morning, we are all set up for a baptism. This can be a reminder to all of us of our own baptism and our own call to Faith and Love and service. All of us do this in our own unique way. One thing I have found in Cacina is the readiness and the actual participation of everyone in their own way in the works of the church. This is especially 22sun3good in a small church. Attached to the bulletin today, and in copies in the back you received copies of Bishop Ron’s letter regarding vocation to the deaconate and priesthood. I would encourage you to read it to better understand how we get our clergy in Cacina. Basically, we have been blessed with parishioners coming forth and serving after undergoing a course of preparation. I know as I think back this week of my anniversary of many long agonizing hours torn apart as to what the priesthood was and what would be a lifetime of living basically alone. But a clerical vocation is not a selfish choice, but 22sun4rather to choose a different form of service. Just let me say when the thought first comes, everybody says not me. But like the Apostles, Jesus doesn’t answer to why but only says follow me. To accept and do that is and act of faith, an act of giving without knowing the result. Surely in life we all make similar or life committing decisions, but are aware of the gravity of them. In answering our own particular call, there is always a peace and serenity around it. Having said that, I invite your consideration and most importantly your prayers for men and women to come forward to continue the work and mission of Cacina going forward and hopefully Growing. and hopefully growing.

Homily March 16, 2014 2nd Sunday of Lent

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transfig3Today’s readings remind us of several men who we are giants in salvation history. All received calls from God and ultimately answered his call with faith and action. First we see Abraham and Sarah, old timers settled and old for their time, reportedly in their seventies. God called for them to pack up and move to a new place and he would make a great nation of them. With no idea of where they were going, they picked up and went with the remarkable faith they had. Even today, how many of us would be ready to pick up and simply move on and start over for the call of faith?

Next we encounter Paul in his letter to Timothy. He, too, received a call and though reluctantly, he answered and moved on and started his journey of faith preaching ceaselessly from place to place until he was stopped.

transfig1In the Gospel, we see Jesus go up the mountain and be transfigured with Peter, James and John. Not only was Jesus transfigured but he was joined by Moses and Elijah, men who also were called to leave all and move on in faith to do the work of God just as Jesus had called his Apostles. This special moment of transfiguration was a moment of faith and enlightenment for them. It was a confirmation of their call, a showing of a true connection to God and his work in salvation throughout history and a boost for the faith of the apostles.

We see therefore the call of 8 people to a vocation of witness to God. If we think about it, none of them ever got a chance to settle down, sit back and say look at what has been accomplished once they were called. Abraham and Sarah lived a long life but never saw the great nation they were promised. Yet today they are part of the religious heritage of Christians, Jews and Muslims throughout the world. Moses and Elijah, as great as they were, never got to a full sense of completion as their human faults interfered. Peter, James, John and Paul received the completion of martyrdom but their earthly task was never completely finished.The Transfiguration of Christ Giovanni Bellini, c. 1487

Only Jesus in today’s readings completely fulfilled his call, his mission to save by his death and resurrection. It was he who sent the final four on their mission or their vocation to go out and baptize. Like the calls of the old testament, his disciples were called to move on to keep spreading and preaching his word. Faith, like that of Abraham and Sarah was called for. Family, friends, comfort or whatever is in the way of our faith must not stop us from following the gospel. Jesus call and his charge to preach and baptize is far from finished. We still need the fervor of discipleship.

The church remember is the people of God. As such it is for the people of God to spread the gospel and in so many special ways to share Christ’s love and embrace all people by bringing Christ to them and his love and forgiveness. With baptism, we all received this faith and this call. Each of us is expected to answer the call according to the abilities we have. Throughout all of salvation history God chose very ordinary people to do extraordinary things. This is how he works. He uses us and works through us and accomplishes what he wants sometimes even in spite of ourselves. Let us never forget that the last person we met might have been the most important we ever met. We might have been that person’s last chance to see and hear Christ’s call. I ask you, have we put on Christ and been a loving person to them. Remember that his call to us only ends when we are in his arms at the end.