Homily October 11th, 2015 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted in Called, christian, Christianity, Faith, homily, scripture, Spirit, Word by Fr Joe R on October 8, 2015

28sunOver the past weeks in the gospel of Mark, we have seen Jesus talk of following him and what needs to be done to be in good standing. Who wants to be first, how does sin impede you and so on. Today we meet a rich young man who asks what he must do. Being a good man the commandments were no problem for him. Jesus said he lacked one thing, complete dedication. Give up all he had and follow him. Through the centuries this passage has so often been used for a description and entrance into religious life, was that really Jesus intent? Often he cites the extreme to make a point more relevant to all. Like pluck out an eye etc. What is he saying., what is the meaning? What here can get in the way of eternal life. What roadblock could be here? Wealth, possessions, comfort, being overly satisfied with ourselves. All these distract and make us self-centered, Jesus was about people, about care, looking out, being with others caring. Nothing can or should stand in the 28suway of doing that. Can we not become so concerned with the here and now and what we have that we forget the who is there in and around us. Certainly the commandments not to kill, nor commit adultery, nor bear false witness, nor defraud, nor steal, and yo honor parents in the gospel are boundaries to be followed, but the command to love, the basis for all commands sets no boundary of giving to assist and be there for one another. This unrelenting love is ultimately what Christ asks of us and ultimately is asking for us to give ourselves and our love in a personal and intimate way to God.