Homily March 23, 2014 3rd Sunday of Lent

Posted in christian, Christianity, church events, ecclesiology, inspirational, religion, scripture by Fr Joe R on March 18, 2014

Humanity, science, our media, all look around and up into the sky and ask where did we begin, is there life elsewhere in the universe? Just forty-five years ago, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first to leave earth and step onto the moon. Humanity’s fascination with life and other terrestrial bodies was heightened and the desire to reach out and study the universe continues 3 lent 1today. What is interesting in light of today’s readings, is that on Mars, scientists look for signs of past life by searching for signs of water. Instinctively, we all know that one of the most important things for life is water, as it is a basis for life, its beginning, its continuation. In the culture and life of the Jews, they knew its importance and each village or town had a well or cistern for the water they needed. Even today, we take for granted the need for 3 lent 2water as it conveniently comes out of our spigots until some crisis cuts it off or possibly a drought requires a cutback of use.
Seeing Jesus today weary and thirsty and sitting by the well and asking for water would not be much different from what we might experience today when traveling ourselves. But John today chooses the thirst and the place as a moment to teach. Jesus first is at Jacob’s well, where Jacob lived and near the field he gave to his son Joseph. It was in Samaria and Jesus asked for water from a Samaritan woman. The woman was alone and probably was shunned for her five husbands and current boyfriend. Still in his weariness and thirst, Jesus still reaches out this woman teaching and offering living water that ends thirst deep within our spirit and life. This living water if taken and embraced will refresh us so that our spiritual thirst is gone forever. Jesus as we know is that living water and baptism is where we receive it. He fills us up and give us his Spirit. He subsequently will provide us with the food we need on our journey as he also gives us his Body for food and his Blood for drink.3 lent 3
This we have often heard. Also we know the Jews and the Samaritans shared a heritage, but the Samaritans were not welcomed because of circumstances relating to their racial purity and how and where they worshiped. Certainly they were not welcomed in Jerusalem and at the temple. Christianity today has similar problems and divisions that most of us don’t know or remember the reason. Pettiness, self, power, and all kind of diverse human concerns and issues have divided Christ’s followers. Yet, can we deny that his living water is at work today? Did he not say go out and baptise in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit? We are called by him. He is the life of his church and we are the church. How can we put anything ahead of him and be able to find him in each other. Remember he said that when we gather in his name he is there. He said we should love and be ready to forgive. He is our food, and drink, our very life. What you do for the least, you do for him.