Homily Holy Trinity Parish Pentecost Sunday May 24, 2015

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Homily August 18, 2013 20th Sunday of Ordinary Time

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Today’s gospel tells us that Jesus came to bring fire and division to the earth. If we look from our nation’s perspective at the last century, we see WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and all the saber-rattling of the cold war. In this century we have Iraq and Afghanistan. If we look further throughout the world we see unrest, skirmishes, revolutions, even outright fighting. It is truly brother against brother, sister against sister. The world stage is really only a reflection of the people who populate the countries of the world. Ambition, greed, jealousy and every kind of anguish that defeats the peace and tranquility of mind of people is present. The message of God’s presence is missing as certainly is Christ coming and call. Christ’s call and the turning to faith and love is a personal and intimate call reaching out to humanity one by one. The response to Christ’s call and the faith that follows brings about a certain peace to the individual but it is a peace of conviction one that is unwavering in its conviction and admits no compromise. What we must remember is that Christ’s peace was born of suffering and crucifixion and death. Such love and peace of life brings much understanding and forgiveness and welcoming to his side.

However, in our time, humanity and the nations are more comfortable within themselves, somehow acting as if they had all the answers to what they seek. Long gone are the times when people and neighborhoods looked out for each other. There are people today who don’t even know the neighbors on their block. The intensity of living today at times becomes an exclusion of all else from our lives except our daily chores. Within countries, communities, and families peace and harmony, while never easy, are harder than ever. Love and peace and faith are things we have to work at. It doesn’t mean accommodating others or giving up what is right, but giving love, forgiveness and understanding. Jesus knew that no one ever acted in any way he didn’t want to. Each of us are set so to speak in our ways of doing things. Christ calls us to be open. Most of all after today’s gospel we should realize it won’t always be our own way, that his call requires our own patience and inner peace.

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