Today’s Homily at Holy Trinity, September 3, 2017-the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time–Vocations

Fr Joe’s homily at Holy Trinity May 18, 2014

Homily May 18, 2014 Fifth Sunday of Easter

MAY 18  3In the gospel today, Jesus tells us that first his Father’s house has many dwelling places. It is there that he is going to prepare a place for you. When that place is ready, he is then coming for you. I find that interesting since he is preparing for us, yet the way to that place is simply following Jesus as he has called each of us to do. Philip and Thomas in today’s gospel speak up and say they do not know the way. It’s like they have had the gps for three years and still get lost because they depend on Christ being with them. Jesus tells them He is in the Father and the Father is in him. He and the Father are one and he is the way. Notice also that He as clearly as he says that there are many places, he doesn’t say they are the same. The place for each of us is prepared especially for us. How it looks and what it will be will be in accord to how we follow his way, how we are and who we are. He knows each of us intimately and our needs. MAY 1882 4Here on earth, dwelling places can be many things, from the cardboard box of the homeless man, to the multimillion dollar mansions of our sports heroes and others. What we must not forget is that it is Christ who is the way and the love of God is itself an all-embracing mansion.

While Thomas and Philip seem almost insubordinate in the gospel, our first reading reflects the growing church and some early conflicts which arose in the community. It would seem that humanity never gets it right. In Acts we see the clash of Israeli Jews with Hellenistic Jews. It involved the serving and sharing of food.may 18 One side felt slighted and angry about the distribution and there was dissension in the ranks. The Apostles as a group responded by coming together and deciding that the best thing would be to have the community select helpers who would be called deacons and thus we see the beginning of deacons and clericalism in the church. It wasn’t Peter, but all the apostles together who came back to the community for the sharing of ministry. The Spirit of God worked through the apostles with Peter as spokesman and the sharing of the community. What we see here is that the community played a big part of picking and call those to serve. They presented the chosen to the Apostles who laid hands on them.

Today, we leave it to the spirit to inspire vocations and call women and men to ministry. A call to minister most of us think is foreign to our busy lives and is something left up to “the church and the clergy”. What we sometimes forget because of our past history is that we are the church. Christ called each of us to his church and that call continues every day. The church is not a building, but flesh and blood. Each of us has abilities and talents to offer and share. Those mansions we heard about are going to be similar to the use of those abilities and talents. One thing we can always do better is to encourage one another and help discern the Spirit in us and each other. may 18--2God can plant a seed but sometimes it  is through the community. As a community we will grow, but only if we are prayerful and sharing of our faith and life in the Spirit. As much as God loves us and we come to love him, he is still a mystery and works in ways we do comprehend. Just remember, Christ was flesh and blood and he said “I am the way”