Homily June 21, 2015 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted in Called, church events, homily, inspirational, scripture, Spirit, Word by Fr Joe R on June 17, 2015

BookJobJob was an interesting prophet of the old testament. He was most remarkable for his suffering and endurance and his desire for an audience with God. In so many ways he lost hope only to be confronted with God’s love that rewarded his faithfulness in the end. The why and the confusion of the disasters that befell him and haunted him, a righteous man were in the end consumed and extinguished by God’s love bestowed on his creation, In the gospel today, we see the desperation and fear of the disciples at the storm and what looks like their impending doom. Jesus was there with them sleeping peacefully and obviously unaware or unconcerned about his disciple’s plight. Awakened, he quieted the storm and asked why are you afraid, jesus seepingwhere is your faith, your trust.
I think all or at least most of us have had a moment in our lives when we have turned to God and asked what jesus-tempestade-04is going on or why? Life always present moments of pain, or sorrow or disrupted lives different from what we plan. We want to know why we can’t have things as we want. Sickness, injury or even a death can be life changing. Why me we might ask, yet Christ would ask where is your faith, your trust. We all profess our faith but we sometimes forget that the ā€œIā€ of person hood is submerged in Christ with our I believe. As God’s love embraced and comforted Job, so too it embraces us and strengthens us to a stronger love and faith in Christ. Certainly God doesn’t cause our pain or sorrow, but allows it so that it stretches us to a greater love and understanding. Christ’s life showed us clearly that God’s ways and his love were different and harder to fathom than our own ways. Christ lived so that he could suffer and die for all. Suffering, pain and death are all a part of what humanity is. But let us not forget that Christ is with us. As much as we might feel alone or abandoned, faith tells us he and his love is with us. We must trust an d love and his love will always prevail. In the end, ultimately our whys and doubts will lead us to God’s peace and understanding if we remain open to his love.