The Nativity/ The Holy Family

Posted in Uncategorized by coapbk on December 22, 2008

Readings: Isaiah 9:2-7, Luke 2:1-20                                          

Reflection for Monday, December 22 by Joseph Diele

This passage seems to have been written between 733 & 722 BC. At this time, the Assyrians had invaded the Northern Kingdom of Israel. People were deported and the land divided and made into provinces of Assyria.  The final destruction of Israel happed in 722 BC by Assyria.

Isaiah writes this passage from Jerusalem, the Southern Kingdom, looking with sadness over the terrible destruction but also looking with hope and expectation.  With the realization of pain and destruction in mind read this passage.  What do you feel?  What was Isaiah able to hold on to? Can we hope in spite of such pain and destruction when it happens in our lives? Isaiah is more than an optimist and more than one who has a positive outlook. It is good for us to be optimistic and positive but I think we have something else here. Faith gives us insights that run deep.  Faith gives us awareness that there is a God we can rely on.  We can trust this God to be with us, in every hard time we experience.  We can trust that God will not abandon us. The prophet sees and trusts what he sees. He trusts the God who saved the people from slavery, the God who rode the waters with Noah and the God who created everything and everyone. It is from this awareness that Isaiah speaks a word of hope, the Word of God.

-When things are going bad where do we turn?

-What is our attitude in times of trial, destruction and pain?

-Can we see a light shinning in spite of the dark in our lives?

-Do our communities help us to shine through the darkness by trusting in God?