Homily November 10, 2013 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

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Today’s readings present us with questions concerning death and resurrection or life after death. While all of us have experienced seeing death or the burial of someone, it remains a reality that we find hard to accept and understand, especially when it happens to a loved one of ours. Faith and scriptures tell us many things about faith and death and dying, but in the end death remains a mystery, a vacuum to us who remain behind. The hypothetical question of the seven brothers presented to Jesus today, while accurate in following the law of Moses, was presented to trick Jesus to say things and commit what the Sadducees would call theological error against what was their belief. What Jesus left us was a glimpse into His own self and a mystery of what would come. The ways of human life on earth would not be present in an after life. Marriage, reproduction, human needs would all take on a different tone a different way. The love of God is the core and center of life both here and in future life. The love and pleasures of human life, in fact life itself will take on a whole different way which is incomprehensible to us who are tied to a material inflexible world.

Jesus and the Sadducees

Jesus and the Sadducees

What I find interesting is the fear many people have of dying and what life will be. At the same time others simply accept death as a part of their journey of faith undaunted by the mystery of not knowing what lies ahead. Throughout history both before and after Christ’s time we see men and women who have stepped forward and gave up their lives in the name of God for their faith or even out of love for another person. Having myself once been at that threshold for several weeks and slowly recovering, found the greatest insight in that time was that the love of God and those around me brings a love and awareness that life and living is a gift and joy that fills and animates everyday. If we can take advantage of that now , how much more will it be when we are called to the fulfillment of that life and the love that has filled it in the course of a lifetime. Love is the key and cornerstone of the after life. God is Love and now is the time to form and shape it and share it and prepare for that final time of love and sharing which will always be.

Considering that, it might help explain a little the mystery of resurrection and life. In human love, The reach and boundaries of love are limitless and at times astonishing to us, even more so in this age of mass communication when so many stories and happenings are shared. Even in this life we are at times confounded by it. This being the case, what lies beyond will be just as great and astonishing.