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Tuesday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: 2 Peter Chapter 3 verses 12-15a, 17-18  / Psalm 90 verses 2-4, 10, 14, & 16 / Mark Chapter 12 verses 13-17

For the readings of the Optional Memorial of Saint Marcellinus and Peter, martyrs – 2 Corinthians Chapter 6 verses 4-10 / Psalm 124 verses 2-5, 7B-8A / John Chapter 17 verses 11B-19

Friends, two things that we know are certain in life, are death and taxes. These two things we really have no control over. One is a certain end at some point in time (hopefully peaceful and dignified) and the other we must adhere to in order to help generate enough resources for the communities we live in.

If we are informed well enough to understand that even for the latter that we accept our share in the payment of the tax then we expect the use of our taxes to provide adequate services, i.e. the protection and preservation of life from government services (police, fire, emergency medical assistance, etc.) We have the expectation that services provided will keep us safe and do no harm. They are meant to provide appropriate services for the entire community.  

Friends, we have the understanding to fall in the right ways or order of things. When we rely on our stability in life, what we have rested our souls in, the constancy of God and the example of Jesus, then we can really appreciate the sacredness of all creation. The sacredness of life itself  and all that has been placed in our capable hands.

It is when we violate that special sacredness, that bond of trust with our fellow sisters and brothers, then it is we who have let down humanity. There is a certain level of trust and expectation that shows no room for error. Of, course no system or entity is perfect, mistakes do happen, but not when at the bare minimum the level of what is expected is upheld. I must go to work, in order to eat, I must do my laundry in order to have clean clothes for work. When I come short of what is expected then I enable the system to fail. I contribute to it. I become part of the problem. Even the most basic of things require special attention. Would not life fit that most basic criteria?

This is not meant to humiliate law enforcement. I myself am a retired NYPD Detective. This is for us to ponder our own stakes in this present situation. Where is the disconnect as incidents of this nature in the tragedy of George Floyd continues. Let us look for the stability that lies in our hearts and minds and really take the necessary steps in a peaceful manner to usher a new renewal that benefits all.  

(rev.) michael

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Daily Mass for Saturday of the Seventh Week of Easter

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Monday of the Seventh Week of Easter

Readings: Acts Chapter 19 verses 1-8  / Psalm 68 verses 2-3ab, 4-5acd, 6-7ab / John Chapter 16 verses 29-33


For the readings of the Optional Memorial of Saint Bede the Venerable, Priest and Doctor of the Church  – 1 Corinthians  Chapter 2 verses 10B-16 / Psalm 119 verses 9-14 / Matthew Chapter 7 verses 21-29

For the readings of the Optional Memorial of Saint Gregory VII, pope, religious  –  Acts  Chapter 20 verses 17-18A, 28-32, 36 / Psalm 110 verses 1-4 / Matthew Chapter 16 verses 13-19

For the readings of the Optional Memorial of Saint Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi, virgin  – 1 Corinthians Chapter 7 verses 25-35 / Psalm 148 verses 1-2, 11-14 / Mark Chapter 3 verses 31-35


Friends, during this time of this horrific pandemic, I recall that upon hearing about the virus that I had not thought of it coming here to the United States. Not without thought or concern for the world where the virus had already infected, (Europe, Asia) but out of ignorance saying that the virus would never come here, to the United States. I maybe guessed small isolated incidents would be the case. Well I was wrong, as later I realized that we are on the same planet, not another world.

As we see now, we are home, scattered to our own secure place and even that does not mean we are protected.  Sisters and brothers, yes, we do not have all the answers, but hopefully we believe now more than ever that the new normal is going to be quite different from what we have been used to.

Even despite what is going on, we see that we are never alone, God is with us. We may sometimes put our hope in other things and hopeful outcomes without any certainty, and sometimes we put our trust in people. This is not necessarily wrong, but how often do we do this? Situations and people change, and they change often.  The hope we trust in when we put our trust in people can lock us in and end up disappointing us in the end.

When we realize that life is about being spiritual, that does not mean we do not love one another, in fact we have to love each other more. Not in a possessive way but in the way, God loves us just as we are without conditions. Blessed is the one who lives without expectation s, for they will never be disappointed.

Are we putting our trust in the One who never disappoints? Are we putting our trust in the worlds way or are we willing to do it the way God is asking us to? This is more of  a challenge as we probably are not going to get support. Just a clue though, God and I are an overwhelming majority, we are not alone. Are you up for it? What do you think? Be blessed!

(rev.) michael

For your information, there are several other reflections posted for the day on the CACINA blog. Scroll down to view them. Enjoy.


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3rd Sunday of Easter Parish of Sts Francis and Clare



Third Sunday of Easter

Readings: Acts Chapter 2 verses 14, 22-33 / Psalm 16 verses 1-2, 5, 7-11 / I Peter Chapter 1 verses 17-21 / Luke Chapter 24 verses 13-35


The road to Emmaus

That is where we all are now.  We do not know where we are going, and we do not quite understand what it is all about.  The uncertainty of the future, trying to live in the moment is all very intense.  This really involves a lot of trust, hope in what we do not see.

I am sure we can all relate with doubting Thomas right now.  I

Want proof it will all be OK.  Will it? How do I practice what I claim to believe in this present moment?  I can go on and on.  Am I spending too much time trying to get answers? Maybe God is saying “Be still, listen with your heart and not your head.” 

There is a lesson in all of this.  The longer it goes the more I am realizing God is calling all of us to learn how to live life differently and not go back to “how it was”.   We are being called to be more aware of what and who are around us and to live more compassionately and with empathy for everyone especially those we prefer not to “see”.  Maybe we are too comfortable in our little world wearing blinkers of the suffering all around us because it does not suit our way of doing things.  God is calling us to be open to be uncomfortable to the changes ahead  and enter into “the new world”  with hope and trust being part of making it better.  It sure does take a lot of faith to take the next step.  Are we preparing by digging deeper into our spiritual selves and becoming better internally so we can then go out externally and be the change God is calling our world to wake up to?

Are we up for the challenge………?    Faith, trust, hope and especially love one day at a time.

(rev.) Michael


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Thursday of the Second Week of Easter

Readings: Acts Chapter 5 verses 27-33 / Psalm 34 verses 2-9, 17-20 / John Chapter 3 verses 31-36


Friends, when we speak, are we speaking with the help of the Spirit or from our own ego? Do we allow ourselves to speak from our hearts with heart felt sincerity or from the hip, asserting ourselves as an absolute authority?

Hopefully, when we speak, we allow ourselves to be a vessel where calmness, right thinking, and collaboration through consensus would prevail. God has given us total authority and it is with great responsibility that we must we speak, we speak with the loving tender compassion of our God through the eyes of God with the eyes of Christ not to offend, or drive those who are right in front of us away.

We have a responsibility to respect the other, not judge or condemn, to show sympathy when appropriate but more empathy when it is called for. We need at times to see and allow ourselves to be able to see where people are at, and where they are from to try to see where the Spirit is leading them where to go next.

We may be at times crushed in Spirit, put down when some speak to us and times when we have done the same, we have to remember when we speak that we may be entertaining angels in our midst. When we hurt others, we hurt God in them, and this is our true ministry to be the Face of God to all we encounter.

“The important thing is this, to be able at any moment sacrifice who we are for who we can become”.  St. Teresa of Calcutta


For the readings of the optional memorial of Saint George, Martyr

Revelation – Chapter 21 verses 5-7 / Psalm 126 verses 1BC-2, 2-6 / Luke – Chapter 9

verses 23-26


For the readings of the optional memorial of Saint Adalbert, Bishop and Martyr

2 Corinthians – Chapter 6 verses 4-10 / Psalm 31:3CD-4, 6 & 8AB, 16BC & 17/

John- Chapter 10 verses 11-16




Wednesday of the Second Week of Easter

Readings: Acts Chapter 5 verses 17-26 / Psalm 34 verses 2-9 / John Chapter 3 verses 16-21

Sisters and brothers, have you ever felt at times when you might have had feelings of being trapped, unable to get out from where you are? Perhaps feeling that you were not meant to be where you presently are? Maybe feeling called to be somewhere else to be doing and being something different or greater than your present situation?

During this pandemic we see ourselves in a state of total isolation. Isolated from loved ones and friends. Separated from physical work locations and businesses closed where for some it has taken a toll, both financially and emotionally.

Friends I believe that God calls us to be where we are right in the present moment. We may wish to be elsewhere, which is fine, but do we take the time to really delve into the mystery of the one who calls us to listen where it is where God wishes us to be? To be a sign and presence of the love that is greater than all. Whoever we are, or wherever we come from or whatever we believe or don’t believe, that which is greater, by whatever name we have called in creation, the Creator of all, hears all of our prayers. We are not forsaken and are not forgotten. Easier said than done but we have to stay the course. Not only for ourselves, but for all humanity in the same manner Jesus did.

God did not give this to us. Our job is to see what is to be learned from this and how we can make a difference in our world without having to lose any more lives to this dreaded pandemic.  What is it that we can do? With all this time on our hands sometimes we focus on petty things and do not appreciate one another and what we do have. What is it that we are to do to make the difference in our world today?

God calls us, each and everyone of us, not matter from what walk of life or religious practice, believers and non -believers alike to be a voice crying out from the wilderness to be the voice of God’s love in our world. We are to be seen in the light, not in the dark so that all that is done, is truly done in God. All that exists in the shadows are to be clearly seen in the light.

Let us continue to pray for our world, praying especially for our mother earth which God has given us to be good stewards to be part of effective change for her sustenance as she so willingly continues to feed us from her roots. Let us be mindful to continue the struggle for her survival and ours, humanity. Happy Earth day and be at peace. Blessings!