The work of salvation is for everyone

Posted in homily by frtonys on February 23, 2022

Today’s gospel tells us about the incident where the disciples of Jesus attempted to prevent someone outside of their group from using the name of Jesus to drive out demons. Jesus Himself told them not to do it because whoever is not against them is for them. This is a great lesson for inclusivity. Many people have the mindset of exclusivity the “we versus others” attitude.

The Gospel reading shows us that God works in various ways. Many times He empowers ordinary people in ordinary situations as His instrument to do mighty deeds. He works in mysterious ways such that sometimes, it makes us wonder whether a particular work is really from Him or from the enemy. That is why, it is necessary to always ask the help of the Holy Spirit to grant us the gift of discernment.

The work of salvation is for everyone. Doing good is not the prerogative of anyone and no one can claim entitlement to heaven except those who have lived a life of holiness whether they belong to our group or not. The call is for all of us to be united in promoting the Kingdom of God and to fight evil in all its forms.

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