Our Holy Communion with Jesus in the Eucharist should be the source of our daily “transfiguration

Posted in homily by frtonys on February 19, 2022

At his transfiguration the disciples saw Jesus as they had never seen him before. He was transfigured into a shining figure, full of Heavenly glory. Moses and Elijah the representatives of the Law and the Prophets, appeared conversing with him. It was a foretaste of the experience they would have of the risen Lord. It was an experience that was full of light and joy, so much so that Peter overwhelmed at the scene, exclaimed how good it was it was for them to be there. Then a Cloud covered them, and a Voice was heard speaking words from the Cloud: “This is My Son, the Beloved; with Him I am well pleased; listen to Him,”

Maybe like peter each of us had had moments when we felt something similar, when we had a very strong sense of the Lord’s nearness, and his care for us.

The transfiguration experience came just after the disciples had set out on the dangerous road to Jerusalem, the way to the cross. Jesus had call himself as the Son of Man who must suffer and die, words which they found so distressing. As they travelled this difficult road, they got this wonderful grace of seeing Jesus transfigured. In our own lives too when we are struggling, some needed grace is often given. When we seem weakest, he provides new strength. When darkness envelopes us, we need to look for the light of his presence.

The Holy Mass is the source of our transformation and strength: In each Holy Mass, the bread and wine we offer on the altar become the Body and Blood of Jesus. Therefore, our Holy Communion with Jesus in the Eucharist should be the source of our daily “transfiguration,” transforming our minds and hearts to do more good, by humble and selfless service to others.

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