It is important to have the courage of the woman to beg for the mercy and the grace of Jesus

Posted in homily by frtonys on February 10, 2022

In today’s Gospel, Jesus goes to Tyre, a Gentile territory where the people are considered unclean by the Israelites. He went there to rest but still, the people recognized Him as the miracle worker. One of them was a woman who humbly begged Jesus to cast out the unclean spirit from her daughter.

As a Gentile and a woman she was considered politically an outsider, sociologically inferior, and religiously unclean. Yet she was a mother with a daughter who needed healing. Her motherly instinct was to be brave enough to approach Jesus for the sake of her beloved daughter. She had the courage to meet Jesus face to face and humbly presented her case.

Jesus did not immediately grant her petition. Instead, He told her to “Let the children be fed first. For it is not right to take the food of the children and throw it to the dogs.” these words of Jesus were not an insult, He was just using the standard of the time where non-Jewish people were considered as dirty like dogs. Considering that the mission of Jesus was to gather the “lost sheep of Israel.

Understanding the standard of the time, she knew as a pagan she had no right whatsoever to approach a Jew, much less to ask for help from Him. However, because of her faith that Jesus has the power to heal and to cast out unclean spirit, her wish was granted.

This gospel reading teaches us several lessons. First, let us be humble to acknowledge that we are all unclean and therefore, unworthy to approach Jesus.

Second, it is important to have the courage of the woman to beg for the mercy and the grace of Jesus

We need to maintain the faith that He can do miracles in our life, knowing also that His mission is still to reach out to the outsider, the sick and the unclean.

Lastly, the gospel is reminding us that salvation is for all. Although Jesus started His mission in a small territory in the Middle East, His command is to spread the gospel to all nations.

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