Reflect, today, upon the undeniable fact that your life will involve difficulty,

Posted in homily by frtonys on November 23, 2021

As we come to an end of the liturgical year, the readings tend to focus on the darker side of human experience. They speak of destruction, loss, conflict and deception. It is a suitable background to the dark days of November. When we begin the new liturgical year next Sunday with Advent, the days will remain dark, but the readings take on a brighter hue and look forward to the coming of the light.

Nobody could imagine the temple in Jerusalem being destroyed. This magnificent structure had taken nearly fifty years to build, and was world famous. But even the finest buildings only last so long. Jesus foretold the destruction of the wonderful Temple in Jerusalem, as well as other tragic events such as wars and insurrections, powerful earthquakes, famines, plagues, “and awesome sights and mighty signs will come from the sky.” Why does Jesus prophesy all of these things?

Because, we are meant not to get too attached to structures that do not last and disasters that will pass. Instead, we are to rely on Jesus, who is greater than the Temple and all things. When all else fails and disappears, he endures, and through our relationship with him we too will last.

Reflect, today, upon the undeniable fact that your life will involve difficulty, “Life is not a bowl of cherries.” While we live in this fallen world, chaos, confusion, deception, abuse, scandal, conflict and the like will be all around us. And when we do come face-to-face with any such difficulty, there is a temptation to fear, anger and despair. Be it family conflicts, civil unrest or even divisions within the Church itself, God wants us to remain at peace and to trust Him always.


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