We need to accept Christ’s criteria for judging people

Posted in homily by frtonys on November 22, 2021

In today’s Gospel, Jesus is in the Temple in Jerusalem, He watches people giving their donations.  Some wealthy individuals obviously attracted great attention as they make their contributions, excesses from their great fortunes.  Jesus also notices a poor widow who drops a couple copper coins. Jesus points out that she gave more than the rest, because she gave all that she had.

Jesus contrasted the external signs of honor sought by the scribes with the humble, sacrificial offering of a poor widow and declared that she had found true honor in God’s eyes. She gave her whole life and means of livelihood to God, symbolizing the supreme sacrifice Jesus would offer by giving His life for others.

We need to accept Christ’s criteria for judging people: We often judge people by what they possess. But Jesus measures us on the basis of our inner motives and the intentions hidden behind our actions. He evaluates us on the basis of the sacrifices we make for others and on the degree of our surrender to His holy will. Giving of ourselves in love and concern, is the that gift costs us more than reaching for our purses.

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