He has risen alleluia

Posted in homily by frtonys on April 8, 2021

Today’s Gospel picks where yesterday’s ended.  The two disciples from Emmaus finish speaking about their encounter with Christ, and their recognizing Him in the breaking of the bread, Jesus appears to all the faithful gathered together on that first Easter Sunday evening.  Jesus speaks the Easter proclamation in one word:  Shalom!  He shows them that He is not a ghost by showing His marks of crucifixion and eating food.  He then continues His ministry by explaining that everything has happened according to God’s plan.  

St. Peter and the other Apostles, with the early Christian communities proclaimed the truth of what they had witnessed and known before all the people. They did not have it easy as they often encountered a lot of opposition and challenges, and yet, they continued to persevere and reached out to others because they themselves had seen the Lord as we heard in our Gospel today, of the moment when the Risen Lord Himself appeared in the flesh before them.

Had the Resurrection been false, those Apostles and disciples of the Lord would not have wanted to do so much for a lost cause, and they would have disbanded and scattered, just as what happened to the other false Messiahs that had come up at that time. Instead, the early Christian Church grew and grew even stronger despite the challenges and persecutions it received. And with the many martyrs, more and more became inspired to follow the Lord rather than to abandon Him.

We, too, are called to bear witness for all around us to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, just as the first apostles were commissioned by Jesus to bring the Good News of salvation to all the nations. What is essential for the success of our preaching and witnessing mission is our firm and lively awareness of the presence and support of the Risen Lord in our lives.

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