He broke the bread

Posted in homily by frtonys on April 7, 2021

Today’s Gospel, describes how Jesus shared the sorrow and frustration of the disciples at the sad and shameful death of their Master. Their hopes of Jesus’ conquest of the Romans and the establishment with his Divine power had been shattered. Unrecognized, Jesus joins them as they walked along. He explained the Scriptures and reminded them of the prophecies about the Messiah’s death and Resurrection in order to show them how the events that had happened were the fulfillment of Messianic prophecies.

Later at supper, when Jesus blessed and broke the bread and gave it to them, that they recognized him, who quickly disappeared. The phrase, “the Breaking of the Bread”, is used repeatedly in the Acts of the Apostles to refer to the ritual meal of the Christian community, the Eucharist. For centuries we have continued to recognize Jesus in “the Breaking of the Bread.”

The risen Lord is with us in both the joyful and the sad moments of our lives. Too often, we have our hopes and dreams shattered by the untimely deaths of our dear ones, by a split in family relationships, by the worsening of our illnesses, or by the loss of jobs.

On such occasions, we have to learn to experience the risen Lord’s consoling and supporting presence in our lives. We must recognize and appreciate his presence in the Holy Eucharist. Jesus is still beside his followers. Often, he is only dimly recognized and only by few. Let us learn to talk to Jesus whenever we are alone and listen to him.

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