Open your eyes and recognize the presence of the Resin Lord

Posted in homily by frtonys on April 6, 2021

Once again we see Mary Magdalene, at the tomb early in the morning, but this time she sees the Lord but is unable to to recognize Him until Jesus called her by name. In today’s passage, we find it once again: Mary thought at first that Jesus was the gardener.

Mary Magdalene failed to recognize Jesus because of her false assumption that his body had been stolen. Her attention was concentrated on the empty tomb. Her tears of grief could also have blurred her vision. Once Mary had recognized Him, Jesus gave her to tell his Apostles about His plan to leave them and ascend to his Father.

She was the first to see the Risen Christ and the first to tell the apostles about the Lord’s resurrection. Mary’s message to Jesus’ disciples, “I have seen the Lord”.

Just like Mary Magdalene, we too may fail to recognize the presence of the risen Lord in those around us because of our preoccupations and spiritual blindness. But we can experience the presence of the Risen Lord through prayer, and living a Sacramental life. It is our powerful conviction of the Real Presence of the Risen Lord, both in the Eucharist and in our lives, that gives us the strength to fight temptations and to serve our brothers and sisters.

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