Happy Easter the Lord has Risen

Posted in homily by frtonys on April 4, 2021

Death is no more; death has died because of the Resurrection of Jesus. Easter is primarily a feast of hope. Light has conquered darkness, truth has conquered untruth and eternal life has conquered death. Those who believe in the Resurrection can look death in the face and not be afraid. The hope that Easter brings is that no matter how bleak the present might look, no matter bleak no one needs to give in to despair. We need only to hope, trust and believe. Jesus went to his death believing his father would raise him on the third day and his Father did.

Today’s Gospel the story of the Empty tomb. Mary Magdalene comes to the tomb alone. In the Gospel Saint John mentions that “it was still dark”. John’s darkness is not related to the time of day, he is saying that no matter what time of the day it is, it will continue to be dark, because Jesus is not present. The absence of Jesus is what causes the darkness. . The darkness that Mary experiences is the darkness that all of us experience when Jesus is absent from our lives, with the appearance of Jesus, darkness retreats and only light appears.

The fact that the stone is rolled back does not necessarily mean that the Lord is not in the tomb, yet that is how Mary Magdalene interprets it. She thinks Jesus as been taken away and lack of knowledge of where his body has been placed.

Peter and the beloved disciple act on Mary’s information and like her, they too run to the tomb to see for themselves. Mary saw only the stone rolled back, the beloved disciple sees this and the linen cloths used to wrap the body of Jesus. Peter sees even more. Besides what the beloved disciple sees, Peter sees also the cloth that was used to wrap the head of Jesus


The leaving behind of the grave cloths are an indication of two facts. First, the body of Jesus could not have been stolen by grave robbers since is very unlikely that they would unwrap the body before stealing it. The leaving behind of the grave cloths is a symbol that Jesus has left death behind.

However, as Peter makes explicit in the first reading of today, the conquering of death by Jesus is only one part of the story. The second part is that because of Jesus’ resurrection everyone who believes will share in the resurrection. For everyone who believes, death will never be the end. For everyone who believes, there is the hope of new life.

This is because in Jesus and through his death and resurrection forgiveness of sins has been obtained by all. God forgives and welcomes all in Jesus the Risen Christ, but this forgiveness has to be accepted and lived out. Those who accept this forgiveness of God in Jesus, will strive only for what is positive and life giving. They will be encouraged and encourage. They will never give in to despair, they will never give up or give in, and they will never lose hope.

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