Is it Time to Reboot?

Posted in homily by frvictorray on April 3, 2021

This is my last reflection, Lent is over, Its Easter. I hope you have enjoyed these as I have.

When our lives haver gone off track and nothing seems to be going right, it’s time to reboot and start again. We can ignore the opportunity to change, or we can reboot by looking and letting go.

Take a step back and look at your life. Are you happy with the direction it’s going? If not, change it. Sift through the healthy and unhealthy habits. Are you relationships intact? Is an addiction squeezing the life out of you? Do you come home from your job stressed out every night? If you’re stuck, not growing, and unhappy, it’s time to make a change.

Decision Time! Either continue on with the bad habits, behaviors, or issues, or let them go. What’s holding you back? Are you afraid of moving out of your comfort zone? Or is it the past? Are you unable to shake loose grudges you are carrying? Set yourself Free! Let go and don’t look back. It’s not about quitting or giving up, it’s about backing away from what’s not contributing to your potential growth as a person., harming your relationships, and preventing you from living a full life. It’s choosing to open up more space in your life to welcome new opportunities and see what God has waiting for you. Its called, Resurrection of Life. The angel of the Lord says, “He has been raised, he is not here! Mark 16:6.

My Prayer for all: Risen Lord, lift me up now, tomorrow, and at the hour of my death.

St Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Community, a CACINA parish, St Petersburg, FL.

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