He gave his life for us

Posted in homily by frtonys on April 2, 2021

Today is referred to a Good Friday, it is strange that we celebrate the day that Jesus died,as Good. What really is the reason why we celebrate? And why is the day on which Jesus died called “Good”? The answer to both these questions can only be found if we focus on the Passion and death of our Lord from the perspective of the Resurrection. Because if Christ was not resurrected, his death would have been meaningless. His death would have been the end. But because he rose again, his death took on a new meaning, a meaning that death never possessed before.

It is in the light of the resurrection, that we must look at the death of Christ and what it means for us today … and yet, we must remember that the Passion and Death of Jesus were indeed historical events, that Jesus had to suffer and die. That Jesus had to go through the ignominy of the cross before his resurrection.

Jesus offered him self and became the High priest through the mystery of his Passion, Death, Resurrection and Exaltation. Since he gave his life for others, his Father gave him back his own life. Jesus died believing that the Father would raise him on the third day and He did. And this is why we celebrate today, and this is why the day on which Jesus died is called Good.

I leave you with this question,how does reflecting on the death of Jesus make me feel?  Do I have any new insights into the importance of Jesus’ death?  How can I make the reality of the relationship which I have with the Lord Jesus-as my savior be made more alive in my relationships with others?

Let us pray that our celebration of the Passion and Death of Jesus will transform our lives into lives that resemble his, so that like Jesus, we too in our own way may be a people for others.

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