Good Friday, is this your Last Friday?

Posted in homily by frvictorray on April 2, 2021

“Death is the only impartial friend we have!” Mark Twain knew it played no favorites. No fear plagues our hearts more than the fear of death. Rather than fear it, befriend it. Live the lessons it’s teaching. Yesterday is over and done. Tomorrow may never come. We can either waste the 1440 minutes we are given each day, or us them wisely. We are not guaranteed even the next breath. This could be someone’s last Friday.

Keep life in perspective. Thomas Watson Sr., founder of IBM said, “Everyone from time to time should take a step back and watch themselves go by.” It is all in how we look at life. Many people live with their finger on the panic button, making mountains out of mole hills. Perspective, folks. Step back and see the bigger picture.

Keep people close to you. In the end, it is never about what we drive or our financial worth – it is about people. It is saying, ‘I love you,” or “I’m sorry.” Treasure the people around you while you can.

Everyday is a new beginning. It is an opportunity to change the direction of our lives so, in the end, we don’t leave their world with a pile of regrets. Jesus says today, “Woman, behold, your son.” Then he said to his disciples, “Behold your mother.” John 19:26-27.

Today: Make plans to turn off electronics, smart phones, Facebook, etc., between Noon and 3PM. If you can, spend this time outside or in a quiet space. Read short portions of John 18:1 – 19:42….might do our souls well. Good Friday!

St Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Community, a CACINA parish, St Petersburg, FL

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