Is it I Lord

Posted in homily by frtonys on March 31, 2021

Today is traditionally known as “Spy Wednesday,” the “the day of betrayal.” Today’s Gospel describes how Judas secretly planned to betray Jesus for thirty silver pieces, the price of a slave, and how he was seeking an opportunity to betray his master.

We also learn how Jesus planned for celebrating his last Passover supper with his disciples. In Jesus’ time, the Passover supper was celebrated on the first day of the week of Unleavened Bread. During the meal, Jesus dramatically declared that one of the disciples was planning to betray Him and hinted that it was Judas.

Bible scholars suggest three reasons why Judas betrayed Jesus. The primary reason seems to have been his greed for money. Also, as a zealot who hated the Romans, Judas might have expected that his master would overthrow the Romans using his Divine power. Instead he preached love and peace. A third reason may have been that Judas thought his betrayal would cause Jesus to fight back and conquer the Romans. That may be the reason why he committed suicide when he saw Jesus arrested without any resistance from Him.

If we think what Judas Iscariot had done was terrible and evil, for having betraying the Lord, we must not forget that in our actions and behavior we have also often acted like Judas, choosing to prioritise other things beside God, to put others before Him.

In fact, we often forget about the Lord and only remembered Him when we

need Him to give us help. And we forget about the Lord again when we have gotten what we needed. Holy Week is the time to assess our life, examine our conscience, do penance for our infidelity and make practical resolutions to reform our lives with God’s help.

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