I Call it Second Nature, is that good?

Posted in homily by frvictorray on March 31, 2021

“It’s only natural,” we say, of things that are governed by our mortality. It’s natural to get tired after exercise, or to seek out a friend when we’re lonely. It’s human nature to balk at being constrained or to want to feel valued by those we work with and love.

There’s nature, and then there is second nature. While nature isn’t self-determined, second nature is comprised of habits we perform so often that they adhere like another skin. So for you, it may be second nature to fold laundry straight from the dryer, pick up trash on the ground, flash to rage when offended or challenged, or reach for chocolate when bored or depressed. Second nature describes skill sets and addictions, virtues and vices.

Apparently it was second nature to Judas to seek his own advantage. What’s in it for me, he asks the chief priests, if I deliver Jesus? It isn’t natural to betray a friend or disown a mentor. Pursuing personal gain as a primary motivation is something we practice until, bit by bit, it defines us. Lent has reminded us that what we practice, we will be. The scripture tell us, “What are you willing to give me if I hand him over to you?” Matthew 26:13.

Thought for today: What have you learned about the contents of your second nature these forty days? Blessed Holy Week!

St Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Community, a CACINA parish, St Petersburg, FL.

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