Daily Lenten Reflection

Posted in homily, inspirational by revmtheogene on March 15, 2021


Monday of the Fourth Week of Lent

Readings:  Isaiah  Chapter 65 verses 17-21 / Psalm 30 verses 2, 4, 5-6, 11-12a & 13b / John Chapter 4 verses 43-54


Friends we have to be mindful again that the scriptures are guiding us to reflect upon our existence, our role in all of creation. We have to delight in all of creation. We have to rejoice as best as we can in what God has given us. Are we creating new heavens and new earths? Are we solely leaving it up to God? Are we waiting for signs and wonders to smack us right in the face?

For us to be the face of God, we need to reach out to people. We have to be able to reach out through whatever means. This is our task, the task of evangelization. We help lead people to God. We, by our example, showing that we care for others, reaching out to others, asking others for help, when we need it, shows our vulnerability. It shows our strength not only in ourselves but because our God needs our hands and feet to spread Gods Love so others who encounter us see that and they in turn will do the same and they see the face of God. We all will see the face of God in each other and our world.

(rev.) Michael Theogene


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