Remember you are God’s handiwork

Posted in homily by frtonys on March 14, 2021

In today’s Gospel Jesus explains that Father sent Him to save the work of his hands. He came to save us, God’s handiwork. But we have to choose the way of the Lord.  That is the way of Light.  Any other choice is the way of darkness.  There are many who prefer darkness over light.  There are many who choose the way of selfishness over love.   Those who do so condemn themselves to empty lives, condemn themselves to darkness.  We cannot do that.  We will not do that.  We move towards the light that is the Way of the Lord.

The Fourth Sunday of Lent is called Laetare Sunday.  The word laetare means more than joy, it means to be light-hearted.  Even though the passion and death of the Lord, Palm Sunday, the Lord’s Passion and Good Friday are less then three weeks away, still we are light-hearted because we know what Jesus has done for us. 

He has embraced death so we can have life. He has won for us eternal life. “Lift up your hearts,” the priest instructs us in the preface, and we all respond “we have lifted them up to the Lord”. We are light-hearted because we know to whom we belong. We belong to the Lord. We are God’s handiwork You and I need to remind ourselves daily, we are special. We are loved. We are the work of God’s hands.

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