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CACINA sometimes refers to itself as an independent Catholic church, but it also sometimes avoids the term, “independent,” and talks about itself as a distinctive kind of Catholicism, CACINA Catholicism. So what makes us distinctive? CACINA is a community of believers that seeks to bring the gospel to all people without regard to who they are or where their journey has taken them. CACINA welcomes everyone, regardless of marital status, political belief, or sexual orientation to participate in the life and sacraments of the Church. It asks its members only for the love of self and others that is the privilege of all Christians.

Independent Catholic Churches are, by and large, very small Churches, some of them consisting of one congregation, that claim valid Apostolic Succession of their bishops, though these are often dismissed in mainstream Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican circles as episcopi vagantes (“wandering bishops”)”. Others are real communities made up of real people with a clergy dedicated to service and spreading the gospel. I believe that we in the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America (CACINA) are one of those real communities. You can check us out on the web at


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Contact us at 1- (800) 603-0644

Our mailing address is:

Fr. Joseph Reynolds, Chancellor

9314 Doris Dr.

Oriental, NC 28571


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