A reflection by Bishop Michael Theogene

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The good Samaritan stops to help the man in need as others just pass him by.



Monday of the Twenty – Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: Galatians Chapter 1 verses 6-12 / Psalm 111 verses 1B-2, 7-9, & 10B /

Luke Chapter 10 verses 25-37

Readings for the Optional Memorial of Saints Faustina Kowalska, Virgin

Ephesians Chapter 3 verses 14-19 / Psalm 103 verses 1bc-2, 3-4, 8-9, 13-14, 17-18a / nting

Matthew Chapter 11 verses 25-30

Optional Memorial of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, Priest


Friends, ever wonder when we are in some type of relationship with someone, for example like a co-worker or friend and then all of a sudden that person disappears from your life not wanting anything to do with you? For whatever rhyme or reason. It sort of makes you wonder, especially when you know for sure or really ponder what did I do to that person? Did I do something wrong to offend them?

When people come into our lives, it is for a  reason, the people we encounter are messengers. Whether we invited them or not. There definitely is always a learning process through our encounters with one another.

What happens to the people who are in our lives when we do not respond to them or they do not respond to us?

One particularly important vow that I appreciate the most when in community is the vow of stability. Yes, we may and others in our lives may step in out of said relationships for certain and appropriate reasons, but what about all those other times when people  become comfortable to  be part of the throw away culture. We dismiss people at the drop of a hat when we feel that they have wronged us in the slightest way, and we leave with no true communication or effort to reconcile.

Do I want to hang out with only people who agree with me, who I like, and they like and approve of me all the time? What about the people who do not agree with me? Am I not called to like them as well?

Sisters and brothers the God of our understanding stands on no formalities. God makes God self-available through our everyday existence. God never appears to tap out and says okay I had enough, and surly God never leaves.

bp. Michael Theogene


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