St Teresa of Calcutta serves the homeless at Celebrate Outreach!

Posted in homily by frvictorray on June 25, 2020

Mary Stewart, the main cook for the Saturday morning breakfast and Sunday night dinner, uses a 25-year-old Lincoln Town Car to haul the food and supplies from her house in Seminole to the meals at Praise the Lord Church.  Above, she is unloading the car with volunteer Ed Miller.  In its previous life, the Lincoln carried her stepmother to the beauty salon and back home.  Now it carries pans and boxes of food to Praise the Lord and takes home the empties. 

     As Mary was loading the car after a recent Sunday dinner, a young woman in a work uniform carrying shopping bags walked by. 

     “Are y’all the people who cook the meals here?” she asked Mary.  Mary said that we were.

     She reached into one of her shopping bags and pulled out a five-pound bag of rice.  “Here,” she said, handing it to Mary.  “I bought this for me during my weekly shopping, but you can put it to better use.”

     All sorts of support keep the weekend meals going.  Rev. Deacon Barb Fichter, seen above giving the blessing before breakfast, is a member of St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Community.  Frank Matzelle and James Meeks of the St. Teresa Community fill wax bags with utensils, napkins, packaged hand wipes, and similar items off-site, saving on-site volunteers time and energy.

     Last week supporters helped serve about 60 people at the Friday Night Picnic, 80 people at the Saturday breakfast, and 75 people at the Sunday dinner.  Thanks to all the people who keep the meals going out the door.

     As always, please feel free to forward or post to people who might be interested in our work. And contact Mary at (727) 397-6107 if you or a group would like to help out.


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