Will you go through the narrow gate

Posted in homily by frtonys on June 23, 2020

Today Jesus Christ tells us what kind of life we should to live in order to gain the Kingdom of God. He provides the analogy of the wide/narrow gate and the road.

The wide gate and road symbolize the comfortable, fun-filled, luxurious, carefree life . The wide aspect shows freedom of choice to do anything you want with utter disregard of Christ’s teachings. It is a path for sinners and atheists. Unfortunately it is a path that many people follow, one that leads to self and spiritual destruction.

Jesus Christ cautions us that money and wealth can drive us away from Him. Just as He told the rich young man that if he wants to inherit the Kingdom of God, he has to sell all his treasures and follow Jesus. Love of material things is for those who chose the wide gate and road.

The narrow gate and road symbolize the humble pious life. One full of self-sacrifice for God’s sake and for the least of our brothers. This is a path of life that a person takes that denies, luxury by sacrificing their disposable wealth to help the needy and the Church of Christ.

The narrow path also means that we avoid immoralities, and other worldly desires that are against the teachings of Christ because they can lead us into sin. This is a path that most people find restrictive, who lives this kind of life, Jesus encourages us that this is the way to go if we are to inherit the Kingdom of God.

Let us today vow to stick to the narrow path that leads to eternal life and shun the wide road that can lead us to destruction.

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for Your teaching today that we choose the narrow path that leads to Your salvation. Help us to avoid the temptations of this world which can drift us to the wider destructive path. We pray and believe in Jesus Name. Amen.


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