Feast of the Sacred Heart Of Jesus

Posted in Uncategorized by frtonys on June 19, 2020

In today’s Gospel Jesus, prays to His Father, praising and thanking Him for revealing the knowledge of God to the “little ones” and not to the intellectual and sophisticated people.  GOD chooses the simple people because they do not get so caught up in theological discussions but rather experience the essence of God in being loved and loving.

Jesus invites all those who need rest, refreshment, and love to come to Him and learn from Him. He has a loving heart and cares for those who come to Him.  Jesus’ invitation is not complex and difficult to comprehend – “Come and be in relationship with Me and through Me with My Father and the Holy Spirit and You will experience love, You will experience God.”

Today as we celebrate the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we are not focusing on the human organ which pumped sacred blood through the human body of Jesus while He was living here on earth. We are talking about the relationship with Jesus that pumps love through the mystical body of Jesus – the church – the people of God. We are celebrating the love which God has for us and the love we are called to share with others. Love is as essential to those who are called by God as blood being pumped by the human heart is to the human body. We come together to celebrate the God Who is Love. We honor Jesus the Incarnation of Love Who poured out all the sacred blood from His sacred heart as a sign of love for us. We praise the Spirit Who has been given to us so we can testify to the GOD Who is Love.

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