Jesus gave us two commandments love the Lord your God above all things and love your neighbor as yourself

Posted in Uncategorized by frtonys on June 4, 2020

Have we forgotten that the commandment of love is the most important in this world because, lack of it is the reason we are in heartbreaking situation we are in today. Lack of love caused the death of George Floyd, lack of love is what caused peaceful protesting to turn into riots and looting. All the evils of this world are brought about by lack of love for God and for our neighbors too. The lack of love is why earthly laws are enacted to prevent a us from hurting one another another.

If we love God, we take care of all that lives on the earth , just as He commanded man during creation. If we love our neighbors, we wouldn’t hurt them physically, socially or psychologically. We would be living in perfect harmony, just the way God intended for us. But, because we do not have love in our hearts, everything else in us and around us falls apart.

Therefore, let us start loving the Lord our God with all our hearts, all our soul and all our mind and loving our neighbors as ourselves, and we will start seeing the world around us changing for the better, with less crimes, murders, plunder of public resources, corruption and other evils brought about by lack of love.

Prayer: Lord God, we love You with all our hearts, mind and soul. We ask You to give us the strength and will to continue loving our neighbors as ourselves, despite any hatred, jealous and malice that we incur. May we not seek revenge because we place all these burdens unto Your able hands. Amen.

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