Our God is a living God

Posted in Uncategorized by frtonys on June 3, 2020

In today’s first reading, his letter to Timothy, St Paul reminds that we should put to action the gifts that God gave us and fan it into flame; that we did not receive the spirit of timidity that makes us afraid to proclaim the gospel and suffer for it.

We received the spirit of love of God and neighbor Christians are called to resist shame and shyness and anything that would put fear in them in the profession of their faith in the word of God.

We should resist any reason to be cowards in faith by avoiding doing the hard and odd jobs for the sake of the faith we received. Our faith teaches us the hope of resurrection of the dead e and that the life after death is an immaterial one but purely of spiritual gain. We do not go there to inherit things of this earth.

This is why Jesus disgraced and silenced the Sadducees who thought that they are clever in inventing mythological nonsense story to rubbish the faith we have in the resurrection of the dead. In heaven we will all live like the angels and praise and worship God and will not concern ourselves with these worldly things that keep unhappy trying to find ways to acquire them. Our God is a living God and would make those who believe in him to live forever on the last day of their earthly existence; this is why Jesus said that he is God of the living not of the dead.

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