Tuesday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: 2 Peter Chapter 3 verses 12-15a, 17-18  / Psalm 90 verses 2-4, 10, 14, & 16 / Mark Chapter 12 verses 13-17

For the readings of the Optional Memorial of Saint Marcellinus and Peter, martyrs – 2 Corinthians Chapter 6 verses 4-10 / Psalm 124 verses 2-5, 7B-8A / John Chapter 17 verses 11B-19

Friends, two things that we know are certain in life, are death and taxes. These two things we really have no control over. One is a certain end at some point in time (hopefully peaceful and dignified) and the other we must adhere to in order to help generate enough resources for the communities we live in.

If we are informed well enough to understand that even for the latter that we accept our share in the payment of the tax then we expect the use of our taxes to provide adequate services, i.e. the protection and preservation of life from government services (police, fire, emergency medical assistance, etc.) We have the expectation that services provided will keep us safe and do no harm. They are meant to provide appropriate services for the entire community.  

Friends, we have the understanding to fall in the right ways or order of things. When we rely on our stability in life, what we have rested our souls in, the constancy of God and the example of Jesus, then we can really appreciate the sacredness of all creation. The sacredness of life itself  and all that has been placed in our capable hands.

It is when we violate that special sacredness, that bond of trust with our fellow sisters and brothers, then it is we who have let down humanity. There is a certain level of trust and expectation that shows no room for error. Of, course no system or entity is perfect, mistakes do happen, but not when at the bare minimum the level of what is expected is upheld. I must go to work, in order to eat, I must do my laundry in order to have clean clothes for work. When I come short of what is expected then I enable the system to fail. I contribute to it. I become part of the problem. Even the most basic of things require special attention. Would not life fit that most basic criteria?

This is not meant to humiliate law enforcement. I myself am a retired NYPD Detective. This is for us to ponder our own stakes in this present situation. Where is the disconnect as incidents of this nature in the tragedy of George Floyd continues. Let us look for the stability that lies in our hearts and minds and really take the necessary steps in a peaceful manner to usher a new renewal that benefits all.  

(rev.) michael

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