Wednesday of the Sixth Week of Easter

Readings: Acts Chapter 17 verses 15, 22 through Chapter 18 verse 1 / Psalm 148 verses 1-2, 11-14 / John Chapter 16 verses 12-15

For the readings of the Optional Memorial of Saint Bernardine of Siena – Acts Chapter 4 verses 8-12 / Psalm 40 verses 2-4, 7-11 / Luke Chapter 9 verses 57-62

Tuesday of the Sixth Week of Easter

Readings: Acts Chapter 16 verses 22-34 / Psalm 138 verses 1-2ab, 2cde-3, 7c-8 / John Chapter 16 verses 5-11

Sisters and brothers, during these days of this pandemic, are you feeling like you are in an unrecognizable world?  The new way of communicating through Zoom is it permanent?  Maybe not trusting that this is a necessary temporary contact until we will return, not to the old way of life, but to true valued face to face compassionate, empathetic interaction with caring and hugging  in a deeper way.

In yesterday’s Gospel Jesus knows that he must leave and is preparing the apostles for this. Not to leave in the way he left with his dying but to leave in his new resurrected embodiment. Jesus prepares the disciples to trust again in what he is saying, that although he may be leaving, he will remain with us, always, not the way they knew him. Jesus is asking them to fully trust and believe that our new way of living has to be real and true if we are to continue believing and following the way. God lives in us.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus said, God does not live in sanctuaries, but lives everywhere in us and everything.

Jesus shows them that  we have to fully give in and engage by opening to the truth of what Gods love is all about, and that is unity, forgiveness, and love.   What God gives is permanent, and not the temporary promises of the world. If we continue with our world mindset, our existence, no matter how physical on the earth we will not become fully alive until this form, we have, as beautiful as it is, can become even greater by serving humanity the same way Jesus did, being the Face of God to all who encountered him.

God is calling us like Jesus to ascend and release what has always been within, the full gifts of the spirit.

 (rev.) michael

For your information, there are several other reflections posted for the day on the CACINA blog. Scroll down to view them. Enjoy.


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