Thursday of the Second Week of Easter

Readings: Acts Chapter 5 verses 27-33 / Psalm 34 verses 2-9, 17-20 / John Chapter 3 verses 31-36


Friends, when we speak, are we speaking with the help of the Spirit or from our own ego? Do we allow ourselves to speak from our hearts with heart felt sincerity or from the hip, asserting ourselves as an absolute authority?

Hopefully, when we speak, we allow ourselves to be a vessel where calmness, right thinking, and collaboration through consensus would prevail. God has given us total authority and it is with great responsibility that we must we speak, we speak with the loving tender compassion of our God through the eyes of God with the eyes of Christ not to offend, or drive those who are right in front of us away.

We have a responsibility to respect the other, not judge or condemn, to show sympathy when appropriate but more empathy when it is called for. We need at times to see and allow ourselves to be able to see where people are at, and where they are from to try to see where the Spirit is leading them where to go next.

We may be at times crushed in Spirit, put down when some speak to us and times when we have done the same, we have to remember when we speak that we may be entertaining angels in our midst. When we hurt others, we hurt God in them, and this is our true ministry to be the Face of God to all we encounter.

“The important thing is this, to be able at any moment sacrifice who we are for who we can become”.  St. Teresa of Calcutta


For the readings of the optional memorial of Saint George, Martyr

Revelation – Chapter 21 verses 5-7 / Psalm 126 verses 1BC-2, 2-6 / Luke – Chapter 9

verses 23-26


For the readings of the optional memorial of Saint Adalbert, Bishop and Martyr

2 Corinthians – Chapter 6 verses 4-10 / Psalm 31:3CD-4, 6 & 8AB, 16BC & 17/

John- Chapter 10 verses 11-16



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