Tuesday of the Second Week of Advent

Tuesday of the Second Week of Advent

Readings: Isaiah Chapter 40 verses 1-11 / Psalm 96 verses 1-3AB, and 10AC, 11-13 / Matthew Chapter 18 verses 12-14.

Friends, I read this somewhere.

Meditation / Scripture: “Like a shepherd God feeds the flock; in God’s arms the lambs are gathered. Carrying them close to the bosom and leading the ewes with care”.

There is a story told of a 2nd grade teacher who believed in memorization. She worked diligently with her twenty students, especially in having them learn by heart their prayers and passages from scripture. A big challenge was the 23rd Psalm.

After weeks of work, the day for recitation came. Little Jim got up and began “The Lord (pause) is (longer pause) my shepherd (silence). His mind went blank and he sat down and muttered: “That’s all you to know”.

Could it be that Jimmy was right? Maybe all we have to know is that God is our shepherd, feeding, gathering, carrying and leading us on the journey of life. And if there is any doubt here, Jesus came as the good shepherd who will leave the 99 and go in search of anyone who is lost or who has strayed. God does pursue us “down the nights and down the days” as poet Francis Thompson believed. And, of course, all 100 sheep stand in need of redemption, such being the human condition.

In his study of Jesus, the theologian Romano Guardini writes, “The whole purpose of Jesus’ life is to replace our human conceptions of God; not only the primitive, grotesque but also the highest and purest and most refined”. Philosophers have spoken of God as “First Cause”. Theologians tell us that God is the “Ground of our being” or “Ultimate truth”.

Jesus shows us who God is by showing compassion, forgiveness and his loving way of life. God is the good shepherd made present and manifest in Jesus.


Meditation: How has your image of God changed over the years? In what sense is God a good shepherd to you and your family?

Prayer: Jesus, you are our brother and friend, our Redeemer, our good shepherd. If we truly know and believe this, we will put greater reliance of your saving grace. You know our weakness. We all stray, when we are lost, please search us out and bring us home.


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