Inclusive Lectionary reading: Isaiah Chapter 35 verses 1-10 / Psalm 85 verses 9A & 10, 11-14 /  Luke Chapter 5 verses 17-26.

Sisters and brothers, when in our lives have, we felt that we needed to have someone’s attention? Did we feel that, maybe at that time not one person was giving us the due attention that we felt we deserved? Why isn’t anyone listening to me? Sisters and brothers sometimes when we receive a little attention or praise , that can lift up our spirits. We have to be mindful that we can sometimes feel that we may be rejected or feel that we are those that society may turn away. If we are made aware, when putting our egos aside, that  we can live life without waiting for the approval of those around us.  We sometimes wait to hear, as it may be, for someone to  tell us that its okay to start or do a particular thing. And when we do this, why do we so easily give our lives up to someone else? Why don’t we give up our lives so easily to God? Why is that so difficult? If we come out of ourselves and stop focusing on getting noticed and give attention to those in our families, at work, or wherever, that can make all the difference. A little uplift to others can go a long way, helping someone help themselves, without sulking on the all about me but making true awareness to be able to praise God.

(rev.) Michael Theogene


Fr. Joe Spina, O.S.F., Pastor of Sts Francis and Clare in Wilton Manors, Florida

Homily- Fr. Vincent Treglio- 2nd Sunday of Advent- Parish of Sts. Francis and Clare


Inclusive Lectionary Text

Genesis Chapter 3 verses 9-15, 20 / Psalm 98: 1, 2-3AB, 3CD-4 / Ephesians Chapter 1 verses 3-6, 11-12 / Luke Chapter 1 verses 26-38


What an inspiration Mary is in so many ways.  A woman of great faith willing to say “yes” to the unknown.  A true leader to follow, a feminist who paved the way for the future.  Are we willing to say that unconditional “yes”? I think of those who are married, parents, teachers, the ordained, and many others. What was our “yes” moment in our lives that enabled us to make a difference in ourselves or for society? Be blessed!   

+ Michael Theogene



Inclusive Lectionary reading: Isaiah Chapter 29 verses 17-24 / Psalm 27 verses 1, 4, 13-14 /  Matthew Chapter 9 verses 27-31.

Do we encourage others? If we do, how do we encourage them? If someone is in need, who comes into our presence, are we willing to help, or do we pass the buck?  

Sometimes we may be the only bible that people will every read. If that is the case, then we should really make sure that we are a good read.

+ Michael Theogene



Inclusive Lectionary reading: Isaiah Chapter 26 verses 1-6 / Psalm 118 verses 1, 8-9, 19-21, 25-27A /  Matthew Chapter 7 verses 21, 24-27.


Is the foundation of you soul on sand or solid rock? Do you easily crumble when you are faced with a crisis and forget that God has your back?  Do you think because you don’t feel God’s presence that God has deserted you?   Just a reminder, faith is believing in what we do not see.  What is your spiritual foundation?   Something to ponder. Blessings!

+Michael Theogene



Inclusive Lectionary reading: Isaiah Chapter 25 verses 6-10a / Psalm 23 verses 1-6 /  Matthew Chapter 15 verses 29-37.


Sisters and Brothers, we read in Matthew that as Jesus called upon his disciples, he said to them “My heart is moved with pity for the crowd, for they have been with me now for three days and have nothing to eat. I do not want to send them away hungry, for fear they may collapse on the way.   Jesus looked towards their well-being. Jesus did not send the people away as if they were in a throwaway society. Jesus knew when to protect himself and others. Jesus witness that to those he was ministering to were not only getting the best of him, but his focus was to point away from himself and  to Gods love for them.

How are we when we are with peoples who may disturb us? How are we when certain people trigger an emotional outburst  from us? Sometimes we have to remember that certain peoples may remind us of someone in our lives that we have not fully healed with yet. To the many things that happen to us throughout the day, it is my reaction to it is what matters most.

I am sure we have  close friends and family who suffer in one way or another with some type of mental or emotional illness, and this causes us pain and stress, but God reminds us not to think they are less important than those who respond positively to us and others.

Do we remember that we are all children of God loved unconditionally?

Rumi says, “How can I become polished when I am annoyed by every rub?” (paraphrased)

 + Michael Theogene


Inclusive Lectionary reading: Isaiah Chapter 11 verses 1-10 / Psalm 72 verses 1-2, 7-8, 12-13, 17 / Luke Chapter 10 verses 21-24.


Sisters and brothers, I have always believed that our Creator God puts in our world individuals every few years who are prophets in our times. I look at people such as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Dorothy Day, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Padre Pio, Saint Pope John XXIII, and many others. Prophets who would work tirelessly in some shape or fashion to bring about God’s creation center stage. They worked with conviction to help bring to mind what the injustice of the time was doing to hinder humanity and our place in the world. They were ordinary people like you and I, but they were not afraid to listen and say “Yes”!

Are we prophets in our times? Are we speaking out against the injustices in our world? Do we allow ourselves to be centered to hear God speaking to us? If we listen and speak to the voice within us, remembering that we have been consecrated from the womb that all of us are meant to be prophets who must speak out in the world. If we remain silent then our voice may not carry very far so that others may hear and be inspired as others have been when they spoke to carry God’s message to our neighbors, community, town, and in our world.

We were created to be instruments, mouth pieces to bring good news who other wise may not be able to hear it if we don’t speak. Amen!

+ Michael Theogene  



Inclusive Lectionary reading: Isaiah Chapter 2 verses 1-5 / Psalm 122 verses 1-9 / Matthew Chapter 8 verses 5-11.

Who in our lives is it that we love so much? Who is the person we would give up the most for? Who in our lives, whether it was home or at work would we give up everything for? Would it be a spouse or a very close relative or coworker?

Whoever that person is, would we believe that others would do the same for us? Regardless of the relationship, a sister or brother, a significant other in a healthy committed sexual relationship, or respected close friends?  Would love have enough faith and hope to believe that our love would be reciprocated in the same way?  

At the Parish of Saints Francis and Clare in Wilton Manors, Florida/ Fort Lauderdale, after the Lamb of God- the community responds with ‘Lord I was not worthy to receive you, but you have said the word and I have been healed’   Have I become healed to heal others? If this love is not reciprocated  and I am broken, am I at my best and know that I am healed? When this happens, does this allow me to take care of my needs and be able to be there for others? Will my faith allow me to be as Saint Mother Theresa tells us “THE IMPORTANT THING IS THIS: TO BE ABLE  AT ANY MOMENT SACRIFICE WHO I AM FOR WHO I CAN BECOME”?

Sisters and brothers this is our own Christmas story. To be able to be birthed not only for me, but also for others. To be able to make a dent in the world, no matter what life brings how small or big good or not so good. Just the slightest mustard seed of faith can make all the difference.

(rev.) Michael Theogene

First Sunday of Advent

(Inclusive Lectionary- Jeremiah 33: 14-16 / Psalm 25 / 1 Thessalonians 3: 12-4: 2 / Luke 21:25-28, 34-36)

As we enter again into another season of Advent, we are reminded how we are made righteous in the sight of the Lord. God watches over all of us, ever keeping his promises and blessings towards us. God has made all that is possible for us as children of God to enjoy the bounty of what God has provided. Pureness of heart and integrity is God’s way. God wishes that for us as well. However, I believe that God does not pressure us. Life has its own problems and challenges and we often face life on life’s term. The God of our being has justified us in a spiritual sense I dare to ask myself, “Am I then presentable and have I justified myself to the Lord?”

The other day someone said to me that they were embarrassed to say that they were a Christian. The person believed that Christians today do not follow Jesus example, but follow their Pastor instead. After some time of pondering what they said, I realized that the person was right. This person was not denying her faith or the path she chose to follow God, but questioned the actions some of her fellow sisters and brothers who called themselves Christians were exhibiting.   Although we all come from different backgrounds and may have different opinions we must have love and respect for each other and be centered in God.

Yes in order to grow spiritually there are times when we should question and challenge one another.

“The days are surely coming, says the Lord”. We are truly living a life where we strive for love, not romantic love, but the love of God.  This love leads us to holiness.  We then become gifts to God. We become the righteous branch by how we live. Our actions tell us and others how we and others are Christian. This is our Advent rising as we journey again giving up all that possesses us and keeps us from God. Maybe if we aren’t, then we should be mindful of God’s willingness to forgive and hold to the fact that the need to humble ourselves before God and each other is what God instructs us to do.

I have always wondered why some movie film makers show the sequel first of a movie and then show the prequel of the movie a few years later. I guess seeing the sequel first shows us the experiences of the characters, the life choices they make and the consequences of their choices either positive or negative.  The prequel helps us to see their beginnings and makes it clear to the viewer the road the character began on.

Sisters and Brothers, then we should be vigilant to what is expected of us. We must then be on guard, unless we find ourselves falling short of the mark. Let us continue to work on new beginnings, starting fresh each and every day working toward the glorious ending.

Come Lord Jesus Come!

Homily by Bishop Theogene for the 1st Sunday of Advent

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