Inclusive Lectionary reading: Song of Songs Chapter 2 verses 8-14 / Psalm 33 verses 2-3, 11-12, 20-21 /  Luke Chapter 1 verses 39-45.

How much do we love God? Why do we sometimes find it easier to love others around us, who are in the flesh instead of loving someone who is not present to us in physical form? I am reminded of two former co-workers who were from Yemen and were practicing Muslims. They both were introduced to their respective spouses at about age 5 or 6 years old. They both never saw their spouse again until they walked down the aisle to profess their wedding vows. My co-workers were in an arranged marriage, orchestrated by their parents at early ages. Fast forward to the present, they both continue to speak of how in love they are with their spouses. Yes, they may have been a physical beauty, but both continue in their marriages of many years with grown children. What were their thoughts of their supposed beloved who they would not have seen for close to twenty (20) years? What might have they been thinking for so many years, who they knew who they were going to marry, by name perhaps, but no contact? Any courtships, were photos shown how their future wives would look like?

Friends, I am not advocating for or against arranged marriages, but the ability that we have to love, fall in love and keep falling in love with a Creator God who first loved us even before we were formed in the womb. Well maybe God is allowed to cheat since God had a first glance before our physical existence. The same way parents fall in love with a child before physical birth or the arrival of a child that is being adopted, the parents are slowly, steadily falling in love.

Let’s us not only fall in love with who we see but fall in love with those who are not in front of us. Loving the beauty of their souls not their physical looks. Seeing God within them and cherishing the gift they are in our lives.

+Michael Theogene


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