Inclusive Lectionary reading: Jeremiah Chapter 23 verses 5-8 / Psalm 72 verses 1-2, 12-13, 18-19 /  Matthew Chapter 1 verses 18-25.

Friends, in my immediate family, a family member and his wife had just recently given birth to a baby girl. The baby was named after his mother-in-law who is at present seriously ill. I think back to looking at the meaning of our names. The names we are given do not necessarily define who we are, but in some way shows the character of what our family would like to attribute to the child’s upbringing. They can be religious connotations or secular. We also take into consideration not only attributes in the meaning of our names (first name) but also our last names which would have our cultural heritage which may denote where or what family tribe we have stemmed from. For instance, I am stemming from a Caribbean Haitian background, with my name, ‘Theogene’, meaning ‘tribe or family of God’.  Haiti in its history was visited by Greek sailors, hence the many Greek sounding names among Haitians, even with the French, African, & Spanish influences.

Sisters and brothers, Jesus healed people in many ways but also in the way of simple acknowledging them as a person, as a human being. This was not done to control as Jesus did when dealing with healing those who were probable possessed but the beauty and sanctity of showing people that, yes, you too are a child of God. A person on a journey, like everyone else who is called as priest, prophet, and royal child.  No different, and no less. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

What is in your name?

What have you been called to?

What do you believe that you are birthed to do?

Have you been consistent with what you feel you were called to?

Have you completed it, or do you still have more to do?

Have you been called to do more, elsewhere?

Be blessed!

(rev.) Michael Theogene

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