Inclusive Lectionary reading: Isaiah Chapter 35 verses 1-10 / Psalm 85 verses 9A & 10, 11-14 /  Luke Chapter 5 verses 17-26.

Sisters and brothers, when in our lives have, we felt that we needed to have someone’s attention? Did we feel that, maybe at that time not one person was giving us the due attention that we felt we deserved? Why isn’t anyone listening to me? Sisters and brothers sometimes when we receive a little attention or praise , that can lift up our spirits. We have to be mindful that we can sometimes feel that we may be rejected or feel that we are those that society may turn away. If we are made aware, when putting our egos aside, that  we can live life without waiting for the approval of those around us.  We sometimes wait to hear, as it may be, for someone to  tell us that its okay to start or do a particular thing. And when we do this, why do we so easily give our lives up to someone else? Why don’t we give up our lives so easily to God? Why is that so difficult? If we come out of ourselves and stop focusing on getting noticed and give attention to those in our families, at work, or wherever, that can make all the difference. A little uplift to others can go a long way, helping someone help themselves, without sulking on the all about me but making true awareness to be able to praise God.

(rev.) Michael Theogene


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