Inclusive Lectionary reading: Isaiah Chapter 2 verses 1-5 / Psalm 122 verses 1-9 / Matthew Chapter 8 verses 5-11.

Who in our lives is it that we love so much? Who is the person we would give up the most for? Who in our lives, whether it was home or at work would we give up everything for? Would it be a spouse or a very close relative or coworker?

Whoever that person is, would we believe that others would do the same for us? Regardless of the relationship, a sister or brother, a significant other in a healthy committed sexual relationship, or respected close friends?  Would love have enough faith and hope to believe that our love would be reciprocated in the same way?  

At the Parish of Saints Francis and Clare in Wilton Manors, Florida/ Fort Lauderdale, after the Lamb of God- the community responds with ‘Lord I was not worthy to receive you, but you have said the word and I have been healed’   Have I become healed to heal others? If this love is not reciprocated  and I am broken, am I at my best and know that I am healed? When this happens, does this allow me to take care of my needs and be able to be there for others? Will my faith allow me to be as Saint Mother Theresa tells us “THE IMPORTANT THING IS THIS: TO BE ABLE  AT ANY MOMENT SACRIFICE WHO I AM FOR WHO I CAN BECOME”?

Sisters and brothers this is our own Christmas story. To be able to be birthed not only for me, but also for others. To be able to make a dent in the world, no matter what life brings how small or big good or not so good. Just the slightest mustard seed of faith can make all the difference.

(rev.) Michael Theogene


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