Homily June 10, 2018- the 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted in Uncategorized by Fr Joe R on June 8, 2018

10sunn the gospel, we see Jesus return to Nazareth. While there, he is surrounded by his followers. When his relatives come and are questioning his actions and mission, 10sun2he proclaims that they are not his family or brothers or sisters, but rather those who are part of his mission to hear the word of God are his family now. He is not evil or of the devil, for if he was how could the devil drive the devil from a possessed man. It is here he proclaims that all things can be forgiven except one who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit. This statement has been much debated as to what is unforgivable. After all God is all loving and forgiving, what would be such he could not forgive. Obviously, it is not something God does to block forgiveness but what the sinner himself, does putting himself above and beyond God himself. He is beyond forgiveness because he sees no need of it or need to acknowledge a God above him. Think of it that 10sun4we put ourselves as self-contained living our lives as we see fit with no thought or vision or idea of God above. Seem impossible? Look around and see the world today with the allurements of ease and pleasure and it is easy to be drawn away and forgetful of a loving God. We can see that in the first reading and remember, that while that is a story, the evilness it shows and predict is still within our world. Even as we believe, we are reminded that even Jesus was questioned for his ministry when he first returned home. In doing God’s will, he was breaking the traditions of town an family.


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