Meditation for the Friday after Ash Wednesday (March 3, 2017)

Reading:  Isaiah Chapter 58 verses 1-9 / Psalm 51 verses 3-6 & 18-19 / Matthew Chapter 9 verses 14-15

Inclusive Text

Hello sisters and brothers.  There is nothing wrong with fasting, but what is the intention behind it?  Is it a ritual that we are fearful of breaking because we may get punished?  Or is it something we do so we will be rewarded.  Or do we fast so others can see how “holy” we are?  As I stated there is nothing wrong with fasting for the right reason.  What is the right reason? To me it means I want to fast so I can become more open to what God is calling me to be.  There are many aspects of fasting it doesn’t necessarily have to be fasting from food.  That’s good but another way of fasting can be to go out of our way to help someone in spite of how busy we may be.  What about holding back an unkind word when someone annoys us?  Sometimes we are addicted to television; this can be a good thing to fast from for a while. We can fast from whatever it is that keeps our hearts bound, unable to free ourselves  We can fast from getting wrapped up in formal prayers. This causes me to forget that I should want to pray out of desire to do so and not out of obligation. If we sincerely greet God in the morning and say thank you and goodnight at the end of the day, our entire day is a prayer.  Our desire to fast no matter what form it takes is a gift we give to God, this is done out of our deep love for God and humanity.

rev. Theogene


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