Meditation for Thursday after Ash Wednesday (March 2, 2017)

Reading: Deuteronomy Chapter 30 verses 15-20 / Psalm 1 verses 1-4 & 6 / Luke Chapter 9 verses 22-25

Inclusive Text

Friends I think we sometimes take so many things for granted like the very essence of time in our lives. Do we live as we should be living in the manner of complete and total being? Do we take the time to appreciate all that we encounter, what may be in front of us at that very moment? I am reminded constantly about living in the present moment. For me it can be difficult. I can find myself re-living the past which is long gone and thinking about the future which has not come yet. I guess I can worry focusing and planning on things so unimportant that I am not living in the present. Are we so focused on what was or what will be that we lose the precious present moment where  we can begin to heal, help, love and not make ourselves the center of attention. Then and only then can we begin to find true happiness. God bless.

rev. Theogene

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