October 9, 2016 Homily for the 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted in Called, christian, Faith, forgiveness, homily, inspirational, religion, Spirit, Word by Fr Joe R on October 5, 2016

28-sunThe story of the ten lepers is a very familiar one and everyone is reminded of the need for gratitude. But today, let us take a different view of the story. Lepers in ancient times were seen as unclean, as people to be shunned and kept far apart. It was one of so many things for which society ostracized individuals. When Jesus cured he told the lepers to go to the priest who could end their isolation and restore them to the community. In a sense, the power of the priests and the temple and Jesus sending the lepers could be like a challenge to what the church is and does today. Like it or not do we subconsciously isolate and cast aside others in how we treat or welcome the to the church and to our worship and friendship. Do we consciously or subconsciously push away people we for one reason or another find not worthy of our fellowship? Jesus was a man present to anybody he met and he shunned no one nor did he judge anyone. He was no pushover, but he was a man who 28-sun-2was grounded in love and as God on embracing that mission calling on all to come follow him. Did he cast aside anyone as he traveled the roads or cities of his time? How often did he point out that Love of God was central, and that the temple and law or for us the church were to facilitate and serve women and men, not to burden and harden their journey. Anything separating us from each other or from God is not then in God’s plan. Unnecessary burdens or regulations or laws, are just that and should be abandoned.

28-sun-3History has shown that humanity has found that living out a life of love and faith is not easily obtainable. Power, strength, wealth and all the other allurements of easy living and comfort has been a challenge from the beginning of time. Even the beginning of Genesis invokes the desire to know as much as God as part of the downfall of humanity from the Garden. Ambition, greed and a host of other emotions and passions can overtake and turn around almost anyone. Keeping faith and an honest forthright love of God and others might sound easy, but to be drawn and changed by the comforts and ease around us is a temptation we can succumb to. It can be so easy to become judgmental and righteous and forget that the measure we use can often not be the measure we use on ourselves. Let us resolve then to listen, to reach out, to embrace, to forgive and always to welcome. What we give is what we would expect of others.

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