Homily for Feast of Ascension May 8, 2016

Posted in Called, church events, ecclesiology, Faith, homily, religion, Resurrection, scripture, Spirit, Word by Fr Joe R on May 5, 2016

7ascensionThe feast of the Ascension is part of the Easter event of the Resurrection, Ascension and Pentecost. Considering that Jesus after the Resurrection, was a glorified human bridging the divide between human and divine. His body was the first glorified and present to his Father and Holy Spirit. For the time between Easter and Pentecost he appeared and disappeared. The accounts of his leaving and ascending to his Father mirror the joy of his followers at seeing him alive and their continued belief. At the same time we have to understand that in those early days there was also present the feeling of loss and being separated from a loved one. It truly was a whole change of life for believers, and all who have experienced how life changes with such a loss, can understand and feel how at least some of the disciples felt. Do you know anyone who reacts well to the words “wait, it will get better?” 7 ascension 2The Resurrection had restored some optimism to the disciples, but their understanding of what was to come was a mystery to them and they were trusting in Jesus. Remember they had not yet received the Spirit though Jesus kept promising that the Spirit was coming and they had to wait. Sure we see the disciples cling to each other and wait and wait for what they are not quite sure of. The accounts of the Ascension certainly indicate that at some point Jesus took leave of his apostles with a blessing and a final promise of his Spirit.
As we look at the Gospels and Acts and their accounts of the 7 ascension 3ascension, lets remember that the writers were not so much concerned with writing an exact history, but more of a theological explanation of our beliefs. Christ was present to them, but separated and leaving them, putting them on their own, giving them a mission that they would come to fully understand and be ready after his Spirit came to them. And so the message is watchful waiting as Pentecost comes.

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