Homily for 2nd Sunday of Easter April 1, 2016

Posted in Called, christian, Christianity, ecclesiology, Eucharist, Faith, homily, Resurrection, Spirit, Word by Fr Joe R on March 31, 2016

2nd easter 5Faith in the Resurrection is more than accepting an amazing fact. Looking at today’s readings, we can see that even for Jesus’ disciples it was difficult. Thomas of all stands out because he refused to be swayed by what anybody told him or to accept only what he himself could see. Certainly, at the time, many saw the Risen Jesus but in actuality it was the relationship of the Apostles and early community that bore witness and brought about the acceptance of His Resurrection. The acceptance of the Apostles and early community and the works coming forth from he believers of Jesus is what testimony led to the faith in Jesus and the carrying on of his community, the church founded on his Apostles. No one has seen God, but in history in revelation God has spoken and encountered humanity. As 2nd easter 3creator, his love flowed to his creatures and with that love came his forgiveness and exoneration through the death and resurrection of His Son. To believe is not the easiest thing, it requires that the believer gives a certain part of her/hisself to something that is unprovable and here amazing. Even belief in God requires such a challenge, yet these beliefs have come to us from Jesus’ time to ours.

These beliefs have come in a relationship that we call church or community. God’s love and action is certainly towards all of us and through Christ’s teaching and Sacraments we are not only related to our community but enter into a personal and spiritual relationship 2nd easter 4with God, Father, Son, and Spirit. The Apostle Thomas in a special way shows us that the personal relationship he had with Jesus in life was one of seeking to protect Jesus and now that he was crucified he found it impossible to believe what he heard about Jesus because he needed to see for himself. . His overwhelming acceptance of his risen Lord on seeing Him should help us in our own times of doubt and despair. Our relationships with each other and with God tells us that Christ has died, has risen, that he is with us now today here in our church, in His Word, in his Eucharist, and will be when he comes at the end.

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