Homily March 6, 2016 the 4th Sunday of Lent

Posted in Called, christian, ecclesiology, Faith, homily, inspirational, religion, scripture, Spirit, Word by Fr Joe R on March 2, 2016

lent 4 bThe parable of the Father and two sons is an important moment in Jesus’ ministry. He was being attacked for being in the company of tax collectors and sinners and breaking bread with them. How could he tolerate and be friendly to such people. After parables about a lost sheep and a lost coin, Jesus turns to a family, a father and two sons. One son is bored and wants to launch out on his own and asks for his inheritance even though it is totally disrespecting his father. Granting such a request would be unusual for people of Jesus time but grant it the father did. Of course, we see that the son immediately set off and wasted the whole inheritance with no thought of himself and what the future would be. lent 4aSuch mindlessness we see in society in every generation when people are more concerned with self indulgence and what we would call partying. Ultimately, whoever takes things to extremes meets an end time that could usually be described as a crash. But in our parable, the son in his misery reasons that somehow, someway he could be better off with his father. In some small way he hoped his father would help him.
As he returned, his father was just that a father, a parent. What parent ultimately even after much abuse and hurt loses love for their child. lent 4 cLove is not something that can be thrown away. While relationships can be strained and at times hurting, parents want generally that which is best for their children. Forgiveness and mercy and love all are apart of what life is and what a family is and what loving God is. The other brother had to learn also that life was more than just about him and tha love and family were inclusive things. While his brother had gone off, he should have remembered he still was a brother and a son of his father. For us it is a reminder that as self centered as we might make ourselves, God, our father, is always waiting for us to be and to love as we should. We are called to work and relate to all of God’s children.


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