Homily 2nd Sunday of Lent February 21, 2016

Posted in Called, christian, ecclesiology, Faith, homily, inspirational, religion, scripture, Spirit, Word by Fr Joe R on February 17, 2016

lent 2Today’s first reading is an account of God’s covenant with Abram that he would have descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and that the would have their own land to live on. That Abram or Abraham was such a key figure, we often forget that he is seen as a key figure in Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths. God’s revelation was for all even though for many centuries it was focused on the Jews who worshiped only one God. The split between Abram and his two sons is one that still is omnipresent in the split between Jews and Muslims today. Yet from God’s covenant with Abraham, God has chosen to give us his special gift of love and redemption, Jesus Christ. During lent, we are once again being lent 2creminded of Jesus and that gift and journey. Once again we are being reminded as we see in Paul’s letter today, that it is so easy to concern ourselves with the here and now with comfort and convenience and forget the ultimate of the life of love and presence with God in the future. Unfortunately, history proves how humanity can fail and can sin in everyone’s life. None of us are perfect in our faith or in who we are. The act of taking Peter, James and John up that mountain was something Jesus did to share intimacy with them and that time became a moment of faith for them. Let us remember Jesus was a man, probably a remarkable one in many ways, but as God he was working to love and teach as a man to persuade and lead by faith to his Father. lent 2aUltimately he knew his journey led to Jerusalem, he knew the consequences of his outspokenness, yet still in his own love and obedience he continued on to do His Father’s will.
For us, we to have received the Father’s call. Each of us is unique and obviously know and love God in our own relationship which keeps on our own path to the Father. But we all have in common that we can become too self centered and perhaps misstep. Temptation and convenience can sometimes make us lose perspective. Let us take these days to pray and work so that our work and choices are always the right thing to do to advance our love and the love of God.


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